Version 3.2 of the Contribution Plugin

I recently moved from an site to a site hosted elsewhere that still supports one-click Omeka installation. Everything from our previous site transferred fine, with the exception of the Contribution Plugin. In the old site, this plugin was version 3.2. In the new site, this plugin is version 3.0.3. The public page only displays version 3.0.3. Where might I find version 3.2 of the Contribution Plugin? This latest version has a core upgrade that we desperately need for our new site. Thanks.

Do you still have the files, or access to the files, from your old installation?

If you do, post the plugin.ini file from your Contribution plugin. The version of Contribution that the Omeka team maintains and releases has never had a version 3.2, but you may have been using a forked version written or updated by someone else.

The previous site was completely hosted by and I never (to my knowledge) had access to the installation files. I just sent a request to the folks about the location of Version 3.2 and will share any info here.

Posting a final conclusion. Version 3.2 is only available for users of and thus the plugin is not available for download or use elsewhere. This strikes me as odd, but I expect that my original goal can be hacked into Version 3.0.3.

What is the feature or upgrade that you're missing with the 3.0.3 version?

Due to some of the differences between how and standalone Omeka works, the Contribution plugin is significantly different between the two.

As John mentioned, there are some forks of Contribution floating around on the web, so it'll be helpful to double-check who is listed as the author of the plugin along with the version.

The Omeka API Importer plugin should transfer and convert most of the data for Contribution between the two sites.

The features have been turned into issues on forked repository at