Version 2.2.2 Items issue

I have a test server and a production server both with version 2.2.2 installed. The install for both went well with the admin panel and public sites being available.

The issue is that on my production box I see this behavior when trying to add an item.

1. I go to the admin panel.
2. I click on items.
3. I click Add an Item.
4. It shows the /admin/items/add screen but the content div is missing the fields and tabs that we see on the test server. The only thing showing is text saying "Add New Files". It's missing the Dublin Core Item Type Metadata Files and Tags tabs.
5. Our test instance works perfectly and we can add items and view them.

The only difference that we can see between test and production is that the test server is running php 5.5 and the production server meets the suggested php 5.3 requirement.

Thanks for any help.

Do you have different plugins between the two installations?

Plugins can add and remove tabs from the item form.

John, thanks for the quick reply.

The working test server has no plugins installed.

The non working production server has Item Order, Item Relations, LC Suggest, and Neatline Time installed but I deactivated them earlier to test to see if this might be the problem. Should I uninstall them?

It's possible that there's some other issue at play here. If the plugins are currently disabled, they shouldn't be affecting anything.

Does your browser's Javascript or web console report any errors when you go to the non-working page? This could be some issue with the execution of the scripts, which are used somewhat extensively on tabbed pages like the add item page.


Using Chrome's developer console, on the network tab we see a 500 internal server error for /admin/items/add. All other css and scripts are returned with 304.

Javascript console doesn't show any errors when page is loaded.

It sounds like there's some error occurring while the add page is loading. Try following the instructions under "Display Error Messages" on the retrieving error messages codex page.

There's probably a PHP error occurring. Following those instructions should make the error message display (probably at the bottom of the page, or the bottom of the source if you use View Source), and the error should let us know what's going wrong.

John, you were spot on with php having an issue. I had compiled php from source on the test server but I had used yum to install on the production server. The mistake I made was that I had not used yum to also install php-xml. After I used yum to install php-xml everything seems to working fine. Thanks for all your help!