Valiantly trying to install

I'm using 1&1, which I read sometimes doesn't play well with Omeka.

That said,when I go to the directory my URL points to, I get Error 403 telling me I don't have privileges.

When I add /admin to the address, I get:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /homepages/33/d245291858/htdocs/dcwarmemorialnetwork/admin/index.php on line 30

Last night, it was line 18.

I'm at work without my home box and can't adjust code, but in the meantime, please advise! TIA!

The T_OBJECT_OPERATOR error you mentioned is often an error that arises when trying to run PHP 5 code (like Omeka) on PHP 4. Omeka's installer should have caught any such version mismatch, but can you confirm what version of PHP your server is running?

The 403 errors, on the other hand, are normally a symptom of a missing .htaccess file (there should be one both in your Omeka root and the admin directory), or settings from your hosting provider that are disallowing some .htaccess options.

For both potential issues, it may be wise to try to contact 1&1.

Thanks. the .htacess files are both where they should be. I check the PHP version when I get home.

1&1 info says starting Q3 2010, it is PHP 5.

phpVersion script says it is 4.4.9.

I added code to the .htaccess per 1and1. I don't get the permission error.

But I get "
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /homepages/33/d245291858/htdocs/dcwarmemorialnetwork/index.php on line 30"

This is the code on index.php:

 * Bootstrap for admin interface.
 * This is the same as the public interface bootstrap, except it defines an
 * ADMIN constant and sets an 'admin' parameter in the web request to ensure
 * that Omeka loads the correct view scripts (and any other theme-specific
 * behavior).
 * @version $Id$
 * @copyright Center for History and New Media, 2007-2008
 * @license
 * @package Omeka

// Flag this as the admin theme. Used by _define_web_root() function in paths.php.
define('ADMIN', true);

// Define the directory and web paths.
include '../paths.php';

// Define the admin theme directory path.
define('THEME_DIR', ADMIN_DIR . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $site['admin_theme']);

$app = new Omeka_Core;

// This plugin allows for all functionality that is specific to the
// admin theme.
$app->getBootstrap()->getResource('FrontController')->registerPlugin(new Omeka_Controller_Plugin_Admin);