v.2.2.2 - image upload not working

Hello, sorry a newbie question - everything else seems to be working, except images don't upload. The error message as follows:

2014-10-27T09:43:36+00:00 WARN (4): Omeka_Storage_Adapter_Filesystem: Tried to delete missing file 'original/8ea14f9af8bb494bd740f99dfdbc67d4.jpg'.
2014-10-27T09:43:36+00:00 ERR (3): exception 'Omeka_File_Derivative_Exception' with message 'Failed to execute command: -background white -flatten -thumbnail .' in /home/akonet/public_html/toanga/application/libraries/Omeka/File/Derivative/Strategy/ExternalImageMagick.php:201

I think the code is saying, the working directory needs to be chmod'd to something that allows for something to be executed. I can't figure out what the working directory would be, and what the chmode should be.

Advice please?

What do you have configured as the path to ImageMagick in the Settings panel?

We are not able to upload images into our items. It just shows a white page. Can someone help?

This is probably better handled as a new issue. Before posting the new issue, it will help to turn on error reporting.