Using unique or persistent identifiers


Is anyone using (or recommend to use) a persistent identifiers systems (like or ARK) with Omeka?

Could someone in the Omeka team explain how the problem of persistent identifiers is addressed by Omeka?

My knowledge about this it is not very broad but I´m a bit worried when thinking what would happens with my digital objects URLs if one day Omeka software architecture changes or if my digital library changes the domain, for example. If that happens and a researcher has cited an object in my digital library, that link would appears broken. Also I would have to change all the URLs that are contained in each of my EAD (Encoded Archival Description) which are linking to my Omeka digital objects.

Please let me know if I didn´t explain myself correctly.

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Omeka address persistent identifiers by serving Cool URIs for most resources. Beyond this, it's up to implementers to identify their resources using a persistent identifier scheme, such as DOI, PURL, and ARK. I'm sure someone could write plugins to automate this.


Thanks for your answer. I have been reading a bit about Cool URIs and if I am not wrong they are a series of guidelines or good practices to make URIs that are short, easy to remember, etc. It is nice to know that Omeka follow this.

Having said that I think that following a persistent identifier scheme is important. And I would love to see a pluging that automate the use of such schemes, like DSpace does with the Handle System.



Hi Jim,

Librarians need use Handle System in their digital repositories, but the main software that automate this use is the Dspace.

To use Handle System, the plataform must generate an exclusive URI for the new item, using the handle id provided by Handle System (like Dspace, that perform this task automaticaly). Similar process occur with DOI system (like the OJS, by sample).

Omeka implements some resource to use or DOI identifiers? An Plug-in or configurarion in version 1.5.3 or 2.x to perform this tasks?


Divino Ignacio


I just published a new plugin, Ark for Omeka [].


Daniel Berthereau
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