Using Site Description in theme

Is there a function used to display the site description within a theme?

something like...

<?php echo display_site_description;?>

...or something?

By "site description," I am referring to the description set in the settings admin panel.



Hi Erin, you can get content from the settings pane of the admin panel by using the settings helper function. For the description, use:

<?php echo settings('description'); ?>

Thanks Dave. I'm not sure how I missed that.

Hello -- I see this question is 5 years old, and I apologize if I've just missed the answer to this in an obvious place, but ... Does the text that one enters in the Site Description box under General Settings actually appear anywhere on a public site, and if so, where?

I'm using, if that affects anything with this. If this text doesn't appear anywhere, is its purpose just for internal communication among those involved with building the site?

Thanks in advance for clarifying!

The Site Description gets output as a <meta> tag in the HTML, but it's not visible. It can be read by scrapers like search engines, though the importance of meta tags is pretty diminished nowadays.

Thank you so much, John -- this is great to know. I really appreciate how quickly you and the Omeka folks get back to people, btw. I'm working with students on a class-wide Omeka project, and it helps so much to be able to get help from the Forum!