Using pdf documents

Two Questions/Comments about how to use PDF documents in an Omeka installation.

1) On the individual item pages, I don't really like the way that the default setting ust puts it as a little tiny link at the bottom of the page. I installed the pdfmenot, but it significant limits the quality of the document.

2) I have created exhibits, but when I try to put the pdf's on there, they do not show up. Instead of any document, I simply get little gray squares where there are supposed to be pdf files. In other exhibits, I images which work just fine. What can we do?

Thanks for your help!

Hi mdowns,

Have you modified your items/show page in the design theme files to view the documents on your public site?

In case you haven't seen them, there are instructions in our How To section:

As for exhibits, unfortunately the exhibit builder is not equipped with a document viewer, like you can use in the archive. Images will appear in your exhibits, but Omeka does not create thumbnail previews of PDFs.

Hope this helps,

One work-around that I did for this issue is to go into the ExhibitFunctions.php file and add some code to exhibit_thumbnail so that, if there is no content inside the tag (which is what happens with pdfs), it adds something like "Link to item", so at least a link to the item shows up.

I was wondering, though, if there's a way to look up the Dublin core info for the item to make that link text more precise. Basically, is there a method on the $item that let's me grab dcterms:format info?