Using Omeka to issue unique item ID

Omeka is idea for small cataloguing projects, and I'd love to find a way for the unique ID / accession number to be issued when a new item is added. It's only visible in the URL after the record is saved.

Has anyone tried this before? I'm guessing that it will take a custom plugin to achieve.



I think you're right. My first guess is that that data could go into Dublin Core id or some other element, but automating it would call for a plugin.

The beforeItemSave hook in a plugin would probably be the most straightforward way to automate creating that data

Thanks for the tip. Taking the item ID and putting it into the DC:Identifier is my aim.

To go that route, you'd want to use the afterItemSave hook, since it won't have an id until it is saved. The hook will pass in the record as a parameter in the $args array. From that, you can dig out the id and build up whatever DC:Identifier works, probably using the update_item function to save the additional data.