Using Omeka for pulling several catagories together?

Hi, I'm currently developing a graphic design digital archive ( Its still work in progress and im experimenting with different cms platforms. Now that i've found Omeka, its just perfect!

One thing i am worried about, is to pull several different categories together under one page. For example, content is organised according to period, media and concept. I'd like to have a function where users can select e.g. a specific period and a specific media, and have that pulled up in a single page.

Is this possible?

You can create new pages using the SimplePages plugin, which also allows you to insert PHP code.

I'm guessing that one way organize items is to tag them in the archive with specific time periods, and pull in media on single pages. Jeremy Boggs has done some work similar to this before, so perhaps he can chime-in on what code in your theme would do this the best way.

In addition, the theme on your current site is very slick. If you convert the site over to Omeka along with the theme, please consider releasing it to the community!