Using Dreamweaver and MAMP to change theme appearance

Is it possible to use Dreamweaver using MAMP on a local machine (using PHP) to change the look of existing themes? I don't know much about css. I was wondering if I could get some more customized looks through a graphical environment (Dreamweaver) rather than by coding and testing the look back up to the server.

Is there anyone who might have an idea if this can be workable? Any answer would be appreciated.

Hi Carolyn,

No one on our team works with Dreamweaver, so we're not sure how to do this. I did find a tutorial on setting up a PHP site with Dreamweaver and MAMP on Adobe's site here:

This article deals more generally with setting up a PHP/MySQL site with Adobe (which is what Omeka is). So, it does seem like its possible, and this article looks like a good place to start.

Of course, if you find more tutorials, or learn more about doing this, please let us know!

Hope this helps,

I am not sure whether it will work buyt i am setting up a MAMP on my computer right now and will keep you informed of whether or not Dreamweaver will "read" the php language and give me something to see.

You can modify the CSS for a page in Dreamweaver, and view the fully rendered PHP code and your CSS style in the web browser by using MAMP. I don't believe the WYSIWYG editor in Dreamweaver will render php code. Hope that makes sense/helps!