Using 2 controlled vocabularies in subject fields

Hi All,
I'm working to set up Omeka for a digitization project. I'm really enjoying version 2 of the software.

My current predicament is that our consortial best-practices guide suggests using two controlled vocabularies: one of the institution's choosing (in our case, LCSH) and a second one designed as broader subjects applied to all materials.

I've got the LCSH plugin set up and working, which is great and I could see how it would be possible to set up SimpleVocab to hold the 18 terms in the consorita's vocabulary, but I don't think I can have both plugins act on the same field.

Do other folks have solutions to similar problems?

We'd like to retain the auto-completing and control we'd get from SimpleVocab for one set and still have LCSH suggest for all other terms?

Is there a way to add an "local subject" element and link that to SimpleVocab?

Thanks for any advice or guidance you might be able to offer.

~Andrew Kelly
Technical Services Librarian
Paul Smith's College
Paul Smiths, NY

Even though it would separate out two types of subject, it might fit your needs to create some Item Type Metadata elements, and assign the Items to that type. Then, I'm pretty sure you could put SimpleVocab on some and LCSH on others. In that case, the display would be separated, unless you do some custom theming.