User Role and Search

I have a few questions to user roles and search behavior, dealing with non-public collections.

Apparently Researchers are able to browse them, but not search them on the frontend at least. Is that the expected default behavior? That seems to somewhat defeat the purpose.

If so, it would be great to have a more fine tuned ACL where you could assign individual permissions to certain user roles, or users.

The same is true for Contributors

No idea?

That is odd -- I doubt that's what we intended.

It looks like we just need to add 'Search' to the ACL in application/libraries/Omeka/Application/Resource/Acl.php, line 91.

// Researchers can view items and collections that are not public.
$acl->allow('researcher', array('Items', 'Collections', 'Search'), 'showNotPublic');

Since Contributors inherit part of their permissions from the Researchers, implementing that change should allow them to search across hidden records as well, correct?

I tested it and it does indeed fix the issue for both user roles. Thank you for your help!