User Profiles add-in - Profile Type Elements defaulting to 'required'

Hello - I keep encountering the following problem with the User Profiles plug-in.

When I am setting up Profile Types, every single element, whether originally selected as 'required' or not, is coming up as 'required' as soon as I save it. (This is with the 'required' box unchecked for the overall Profile Type too.)

This is a bit of a pain, as I would quite like to include several entries under one profile type that are discretionary e.g. most users may wish to fill in an entry about the nature of their relationship to our organisation, but many may not have anything to input into a field about their membership of different affiliated societies as they will simply be 'visitors'. Because they are all coming up as required, however, the user is forced to fill in every field.

Am I missing something crucial here? Has anyone else encountered this problem? And if so, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this, if possible? And if it isn't possible to fix this, does anyone have any suggestions for a creative way to get round it?

That is a pain! Looks like it is an oversight on my part.

You can fix it by going to the file plugins/UserProfiles/models/UserProfilesType.php and around line 34 change

if(isset($elementInfo['required'])) {


if(isset($elementInfo['required']) && $elementInfo['required'] == 'on') {

I've added the fix to the plugin, and will come out in bugfix release soon. You can see the change here

Thank you so much - this has fixed it, which is a relief!