User hierarchy -- access to settings tab

I am the one & only person who's ever used my Omeka admin panel... I am the one who downloaded & installed the application on my computer. The last time I was using it, I was playing around with the settings and accidentally changed myself to an 'Admin' instead of 'Super'... I thought Admin would be considered the highest classification -- especially since I've been referred to by Omeka as the 'site administrator' previously. Now when I log into the site, I cannot access the Settings tab. I'm pretty sure it's because of that switch. Is there any way for me to change my classification back? I was a 'Super' for a long time!

Also, if it means re-installing Omeka, is there any way I can retain the work I've done so far? I've already uploaded many items & added metadata.

Thank you!

I can't figure out how to delete this post, but I just solved the problem on my own. No longer need help!