User-generated virtual exhibit?

I'm interested in exploring the idea of facilitating users to develop their own 'narrative pathways' through our exhibitions on Omeka. The Object of History site has a feature under its 'Activity' link called: 'Create a Virtual Exhibit', which allows users to build their own exhibitions using a selection of items from the site, add a title and text, create a link to that exhibit and email it. See:
Hope this isn't completely obvious! (we've recently installed Omeka and are just getting to know it): how is this done?
I'd be very grateful for any help with this (and any other ideas/approaches to this issue). Thanks a million! - Niamh

Hi Niamah,

Yes, in fact, we do have a plugin that emulates the OOH activity, in the works, that we will be releasing soon. Watch the blog for an announcement.

Thanks for letting us know that you like that feature.


Hi Sheila,

Thank you so much for your speedy reply with that very welcome news on OOH-style 'activity' plugin. This will be really useful for our research project. Hate to ask, but do you know how soon is 'soon'? Our exhibition is due to go public in early March and it would be great to have a general idea for planning purposes...

all the best, Niamh

Sheila, all at Omeka,

I am very interested in the 'Create a Virtual Exhibit' in the Object of History site for our teaching purposes would be great. News on this? Thanks a lot.


Yes! It is available as the "My Omeka" plugin. If you go to, there is a great guide there.

You can also look at the instructions for the plugin if you want to add it to your current installation.

Good luck!