User Comments?

Hello all,

I'm a librarian at Portsmouth Public Library in NH, and I and several colleagues are working on getting some historic housing information online, as the first of several exhibits we have planned. I've researched a few different platforms, and really love Omeka!

We have a Linux server with Omeka installed, and I'm just starting to learn how to customize it to fit our needs. One things that we really feel is essential to our project is the ability to have the public leave comments that can be shared with others. One advantage of WordPress is that this is an included functionality, but I'm hoping there's a way to make it work with Omeka.

I know we can add a feedback form that sends us an email, and then go in and add the comments to each item in a special field that we create, but if there is an automated way to do this (or if someone more scripting-savvy than me can create one!!), that would be fantastic.

Thank you,

Robyn Murphy
Portsmouth Public Library

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the Omeka love! If you have an example of a site that you're developing at Portsmouth, we'd love to see it and add it to the master-list of Omeka installs:

At this time there's no commenting plugin official scheduled for release from the core development team, but this is something we're interested in, and we'd love to help anyone out who's willing to take it on. *hint hint* It shouldn't be overly complicated, and we can offer advice on the Developer Google Group

Dave Lester

Thanks for the quick response, Dave. I am a complete coding novice, so I'll probably put this on the back burner for a bit until I learn more, but I will definitely join the Google Group. With luck, someone there will be excited about jumping on the project ;)

Our site is so new that we haven't put it up publicly yet - we're doing the localhost thing while we try to configure it and make sure it meets our needs - but as soon as it is I will post it here.

Thanks again,