Use of persistent identifier with Omeka

I am librarian in Ministry of Communication in Brazil and I am doing course about library digital (BD). We are studying many software for BD and Omeka is one them.
This moment we are studying about persistent identifier and I need to know if the Omeka works with persistent identifiers or support the use of Handle System e DOI, but I have not found this information in site.
Could you pass this information to me, please?

Thanks for your help,


You can store handles, DOI's, or anything else really in the Identifier field, but out of the box, Omeka isn't going to really do anything with them.

Hi John,

Lorena and much others librarians need use Handle System in their digital repositories, but the main software that automate this use is the Dspace.

To use Handle System, the plataform must generate an exclusive URI for the new item, using the handle id provided by Handle System (like Dspace, that perform this task automaticaly). Similar process occur with DOI system (like the OJS, by sample).

Omeka implements some resource to use or DOI identifiers? An Plug-in or configurarion in version 1.5.3 or 2.x to perform this tasks?


Divino Ignacio

We do not currently have a plugin or other system to do this.