Use case : 4 sites on 1 server

Hi there,
I'm looking for some advice on the use case at my university. We've got 4 differents digital libraries for which we'd like to use omeka. Every library needs its own admin, own theme, own exhibitions ...

I think I'm right thinking that we need to install 4 instances of omeka, no ?

The difficulty is that we'd like to build upon these 4 libraries a local aggregator, we think about using omeka for this aggregator too. So I'd like to know if it wouldn't be a better idea to install all these libraries on the same instances (if there's a trick to manage different libraries on the same instance).

Otherwise I think about building 5 instances (4 libraries + 1 aggregator), all of them using omeka and trading metadatas using oai.

Which is the best solution ?

All advices welcome !



Yes, if you wish for each of these digital libraries to look completely different and have their own admins, you will need to create separate Omeka installations.

You are not the only institution that has asked about this type of multi-site capability. Currently, we are waiting to hear about funding for an initiative that would give admins the ability to create multiple sites (with different themes and admins) from one Omeka installation. This will not solve your immediate need, but we hope this will be available within two years.

Is it now possible for admins to create multiple sites (with different themes and admins) from one Omeka installation?


Not in the current version. The upcoming Omeka S, due out later this year, will make that possible.