URLs for files in Dropbox plugin

I need URLS for images for a CSV import, so I uploaded files to Dropbox, but I get a '404 page not found' error. Could this be a permissions problem?

Here's an example

Can you see what the permissions are for that folder?

at the folder level: 0755
at the file level: 0644


Is there something else I should be looking at?

I just looked again - your Omeka install is at the root, so the /omeka/ in your url is extraneous.

What you pasted - http://bookplates.oberlincollegelibrary.org/omeka/plugins/Dropbox/files/JelliffePlate.jpg results in a 404 when you just navigate to it (hence why it's not working for CSV import).

But http://bookplates.oberlincollegelibrary.org/plugins/Dropbox/files/JelliffePlate.jpg works.