Uploading .pub files

Anybody know the trick to allow upload .pub files both manual upload or through CsvImport plugin?

I have added "application/x-mspublisher" for allow MIME type and ".pub" for the file extension in Admin/settings page,

but I still get this error:

"File Upload: The file '/private/var/tmp/phpRlgWuE' could not be ingested because it has a disallowed MIME type (inode/x-empty)."

Anybody know what does it means?



Check to see if you have some other problem going on with your source, or with creating files in the temp directory, or disk space.

The type "inode/x-empty" means we detected the file as totally empty, 0 bytes long. Usually this is a sign that something's gone awry somewhere.

Thanks John...will do.

The correct mime type for pub is : application/vnd.ms-office

not application/x-mspublisher.

That's my problem.