Uploading Files with CSV Import

I'm working on a new omeka site, and just testing out a workflow for uploading larger batches of items using CSV Import. I was able to successfully use CSV import to add items in a spreadsheet without any associated files, but when I try to import a CSV that includes permalinks for files, the result of the import is that all the items are "skipped." Does anybody know what I may be doing wrong here?


Sorry, I realized I should have provided the csv file for reference. Here's what I'm trying to upload: http://1drv.ms/1x3Vd3o

The urls you have listed for the file are behind a password. I suspect that's what's hanging up the import for those records.

Thanks so much! I removed the password protection, and the upload works perfectly.

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I also encounter this kind of problem.

All the items are "skipped" when the File option is checked.

The file urls are accessible. Ex : http://agorha.inha.fr/inhaoai/servlet/DocViewerServlet?file=folder_0001/folder_0001/folder_0004/folder_0022/elem_0166/FR10_0003_REL_15280_0104_medium.jpg

The problem also occurs when the files are located on my hard drive.

When the file option is not checked, every goes well.

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I'm not entirely sure why, but it looks like the file is appearing as a disallowed file type. If you go to Settings->Security, and check the Disable File Upload Validation box, and try the import again, it looks like it should work.