uploading files in a batch

Hi - I am trying to upload to Omeka tif pictures around 17 MB each. I can upload only 6 items from the dropbox. any suggestions?

If the problem is with getting the files from the dropbox associated with items you (or a server admin) may need to check the server's post limit size which can be a limiting factor.

This forum post should help: http://omeka.org/forums/topic/problem-adding-multiple-files-to-an-item

Thank you for your fast reply. How do i check the setting of the php.ini file?

It is in the PHP installation running on your server. If you don't have access to that, you will need to ask a server admin to check that for you.

Oh dear...
This is what I got from dreamhost support team, in which I have a VPS:

"The problem with uploading files sounds like an issue with Omeka. There
shouldn't be an issue with uploading as many files as desired at once.

Sometimes a customer may upload a large amount of files and receive a
timeout due to a connection issue. However, uploading a large amount of
files should work as long as your connection is good.

It may be best to check with Omeka to see if there's anything which needs
to be changed. Otherwise, uploading 6 items at a time may be it for the
time being."

I wouldn't be surprised if DH's server is timing out during the uploads. You may have to upload a few at a time rather than trying to do them all at once.

Is it safe to unistall the dropbox and to reinsall it?

It is safe to deactivate and uninstall. Once you have reinstalled the plugin you will need to upload your files again back into the dropbox's files folder.

Thank you,
How ever right now I can't upload any file at all! even the smallest (120k).
I get this error:
The following file(s) could NOT be uploaded:

Could not transfer "/home/raanan_raz/ghi.dreamhosters.com/ghi_archive/plugins/Dropbox/files/GHI_Nevo_0400.tif" to "/tmp/6e81178604b24070ed8ca48cef2587f7.tif".