Uploaded images are cropped

The images I upload are being cropped. Responses to this problem in your forum say to turn off the square thumbnails option. I can not find this option. I do not see a "size constraint field" when I am on the General Settings page or the items/show page or any other page. How do I turn off square-thumbnails. I'm using the Seasons theme.

Some themes use thumbnails for their item browse pages, some use square thumbnails.

For example, the "rhythm" theme uses thumbnails, which maintain the image's original relative dimensions.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I switched to the Rythmns theme and I am still having problems. The images are correct on the Browse Items page but are cropped (square thumbnails) on the Home Page and the Browse Collections page. I would like to turn off the square thumbnails option. This has already been addressed in the forum but I can't find what they are talking about. The Documentation also says just go to General Settings and change the default from square to regular. I can't find these options to change them. My IT person suggests it's becuase I'm using omeka.net instead of the server version.


Yes, that is correct that there are differences between the omeka.net version and a version you download and install on your own. It is not possible to turn off the thumbnail settings in the Omeka.net themes. You can change the theme for a different look as John suggested above.

For future reference, the Help section (documentation) for Omeka.net can be found here: http://help.omeka.net/.

Thanks! I guess I'm stuck with cropped images. At least in Rhythm it shows the entire image on the individual item page.
By the way, I love omeka. It's easy to use and just what we needed to get our images online.