Uploaded image thumbnail did not display

Hi every one, first of all, I apologized if I posted in the wrong section, since I don't know if my problem is omeka problem or imageMagick problem.

Anyway, if I uploaded an image, it created the image derivative as expected. But it cannot display the thumbnail, it said permission error (403):

You don't have permission to access /FolkloreArchives/files/original/71a00f74b13731d1c9520855fefa670d.jpg on this server.
So, our admin set the folder permission so public can read and execute in this folder. After that the thumbnail displayed.

But if you upload another image, this newly uploaded image, it will have the permission error again.

I would appreciate any ideas/clue where to look for since I have no clue at the moment. I cannot replicate the problem on my local, it only happen on the server.

Thank you so much for all your help.



It sounds like you need to set up your folder's permissions so that new files will be created with the proper ones.

If the user/group of the new files are wrong, you may just need to set the sticky bit on the folder so they'll automatically have the right group.

I got it...I have to modified the _rename(0 in FileSystem.php

adding a line to change the destination folder permission:
chmod($dest, 0664);