Upload File Problem

We're trying to upload large mp3 files. The upload_max_filesize and post_max_size are both set to 80MB. We've been able to upload these files previously with no issues. No error shows when attempting this. Could Omeka be timing out?

How much time is it taking for the page to reload? A timeout's possible, but you'd notice the long loading time, and you'd be sent to a browser error screen or a white screen.

Are you trying to upload more than one at once? post_max_size is a limit on the size of all the data you send to the server, so if you try to do multiple large files at once, you can go over the limit even if it's big enough to accommodate each separately.

Using the Dropbox plugin to add these files might be a workable solution.

I've download and unzipped DropBox, copied the folder to the plugins folder and installed it in the Admin console. When I click on the DropBox button, I get
Fatal error: Call to undefined function queue_js() in /home/sunyoneonta/cgpcommunitystories.org/plugins/Dropbox/views/admin/index/index.php on line 1

Sounds like you're trying to use a relatively new version of the Dropbox with a relatively old version of Omeka.

queue_js is a function that exists in Omeka versions 1.3 and higher. You can try one of the older Dropbox versions that doesn't require recent Omeka versions (older versions are listed on the plugin's page in the addons directory), or upgrade to a more recent version of Omeka.

Duh! That worked. BUT you must upload the files with FTP and not through the web. We've got a bunch of students inputing data and I don't want them to have full access to the whole smash. Is the newest version different?

That is how the Dropbox works, as it allows you to upload large and batches of files onto your server to the Dropbox plugin's files folder. Then, those files can be added as items in the web admin interface. http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/Dropbox