Upgraded to 1.21

When I try to upgrade the database, I get:

Omeka encountered an error when upgrading your installation:

Error in Migration #44

Message: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate column name 'started'

* Successfully migrated #43

How do I fix it?

What version of Omeka did you have installed before?

It looks like you got partway through a migration before, or that you somehow don't have the right migration number saved in your database, and it's trying to redo old migrations.

I believe the version before was 1.0 and I've fiddled a little with the migration value in the database with no luck.

I'm not sure what's happened here, but it's clear that your database is at least current up through migration number 44, so you could try setting that as your DB migration value.

From 1.0, your database shouldn't have had these migrations applied yet, so there must have been some incomplete migration or manual changes applied to your database.

The migration value for 1.0 was 37. With that I got: Error in Migration #38. I changed the value after reading the forums. What steps should I take now. I'm VERY close the just going back to 1.0 even though we're unhappy with that version.

Migration number means what? Is it the record number in the database?

The migration number is simply a number that denotes the "version" of the database. Setting it further back than it should have been will give you these errors, since Omeka will try to do every migration with a higher number than that option.

I finally got 1.2.1 working but going to 1.5.3, I get Fatal error: Cannot redeclare show_untitled_items() (previously declared in /home/sunyoneonta/cgpcommunitystories.org/themes/berlin/custom.php:9) in /home/sunyoneonta/cgpcommunitystories.org/application/views/scripts/functions.php on line 17

Can you point me in the right direction?

Sorry you're having so many issues.

You should be able to fix this one by just updating your berlin theme with the one from our add-ons directory.

The most recent version of the theme, 1.3, is compatible with Omeka 1.3 and up, and will work fine on Omeka 1.5.3.