Upgrade woes

Hi - trying to upgrade to 5.1 and thought I had done so by adding the /admin and /application folders to overwrite my existing 5.0 install. Now my admin center in Omeka still show that a 5.1 upgrade is available. What is the correct 5.1 install procedure please?

You should be following the instructions on upgrading, which make it clear that just replacing some isolated directories isn't enough.

Thanks for that. Sadly, I have struggled for this for hours to no avail. Complete waste of time. There has to be a better way forward for this kind of upgrade.

Actually had to delete everything and start again. Now of course adding one file to a fresh install just brings up more errors. As such as I would like to persevere with this lovely database, it is become a real time hog just to get it running. A hosted solution would be preferable but frankly useless from my point of view as your offer is at present too limited.

I may come back when you get things sorted out.