Upgrade to 2.0.1 problem

Yesterday I upgraded our Omeka 1.4.1 installation to 2.0.1, and I'm pretty sure I followed the upgrade instructions to the letter.

I'm having two problems:
1. the main page of the site ( http://smithlibraries.org/digital/ ) comes up with only a blank white screen.
2. I downloaded the newest version of a number of our plugins, but most of them are showing a "this is not a valid plugin" message in the admin settings interface.

What might I have done wrong in the upgrade?

Thanks - - Eric

It sounds like you can get to the admin side, but nothing on the public side, right?

My first guess might be that you are using a theme that isn't compatible with Omeka 2.0.

Regarding the plugins, not all of them have been updated for 2.0, which might be the cause of the "not a valid plugin" message.

Yes, the admin side is no problem. We're using a modified winter theme; I just tried switching it to several other different ones, but I'm still seeing a blank white screen.

For the plugins, I downloaded the versions that are supposed to be compatible with Omeka 2...

Any theme that's been modified could be using functions that are no longer in Omeka. Can you confirm that you get white screen with the bundled Omeka themes, like "Thanks, Roy"?

It might be that some of the plugin (and theme files) weren't completely replaced. Maybe try completely deleting the directories for the individual plugins and re-uploading the new ones, making sure that all the files are readable by apache.

That's it! I turned on error logging and our modified themes are coming up with fatal errors due to calling undefined functions. Boy the "Thanks, Roy" and Seasons themes work. It looks like those are now the only bundled themes in 2.0 - - are those the only ones that currently work?

I'll try more fiddling with the plugins - - thanks!

Yes, those are the only ones of ours that have been upgraded, though "Berlin" will be ready shortly. I think there are some others floating around. It might be worth asking on the dev list