Upgrade Issue

New to Omeka. Great work! Just tried to upgrade to the latest release. I can view the public end of things but I get this error when attempting to login:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare show_untitled_items() (previously declared in /home/mabillings/sedentarynomad.com/archives/admin/themes/default/custom.php:15) in /home/mabillings/sedentarynomad.com/archives/application/views/scripts/functions.php on line 17

Thanks for helping out.

Which files did you copy over from your old installation?

This looks like a problem you'd have from keeping an old copy of the admin theme along with a newer installation. You could have also gotten this problem by just copying the new version's files over the old instead of following the upgrading instructions. Generally, you want to unzip a clean copy of your new Omeka version, then just copy your customizations from the old site to the new (things like db.ini, archive, plugins and themes directories).

The basic problem here is that the admin theme folder (admin/themes/default) shouldn't have a "custom.php" file anymore. Omeka 1.5.1 doesn't include that file there, so this must be one from your old install mucking things up. Deleting that file should fix this particular problem.

I was taking a shortcut when upgrading and that was the issue. Since it was a "sandbox" upload I just started anew and everything worked fine. Thanks.