Upgrade Error (1.4.2 > 2.1.1)

I had a lovely Omeka install, once - but I ignored it for some time and when I recently loaded it, it said this to me:

Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/jet/radicalcupcake.com/omeka/dziadek.old/plugins/Coins/functions.php on line 195

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/jet/radicalcupcake.com/omeka/dziadek.old/plugins/Coins/functions.php on line 195

So I thought, goodness me! Maybe an upgrade will fix this!

So I faithfully (to the best of my knowledge) followed the upgrade instructions and now I have a beautifully styled Omeka page saying it's encountered an error. I've (again, to the best of my knowledge) enabled error logging but the sad little error log remains empty.

I've verified I can connect to my database using the db.ini credentials.

I'm using Dreamhost.

You can look at my beautiful error page here:


Can you elaborate on what you did to enable error display or logging?

Omeka 2+ handles those error reporting switches a little differently than in previous versions.

You bet!

So I was pretty sure that something was wonky because my .htaccess didn't contain the right data - I neglected to overwrite it with the v2.1.1 file.

This led me to see the error of my ways (ha ha) and I was missing the omeka_sessions table. I inserted it via phpMyAdmin and then I was prompted to update my database. YAY. Functioning again!

Thank you so much! No further help needed... yet. :)

For future reference, this post was key in helping me figure out my dysfunction: