Upgrade, can't login

So, I tried to upgrade my site collections.nolabrewhistory.com without reading and documentation on upgrading. Well, I guess that was wrong. Anyways, now I can not login to the backend at all. Is there any way to fix this?

I have a similar problem. I was only able to log in with the first username I ever created on the system... user #1

see data tables:

Hi drewrowland,

Could you provide some more details? Can you not log in with your existing user? Can you not get to the login screen at all? Did the upgrade not work?

I can log in now with only 2 user names. The others can not log in and I can not reset the password for them in through the admin. When I try to reset the password omeka throws an error: ERR (3): Email: That email address has already been claimed by a different user but that is false. The email address is unique.
I took a look at the database directly and found in the 'users' table the two username that can login have a value in the 'salt' column. The other usernames have NULL in the 'salt' column.
All these users existed before the update from 1.2.1. I encountered no errors or problems during the upgrade process.

When I try to add a new user omeka throws up the "omeka has encountered an error" screen and adds an error in the log ERR (3): Unable to send mail.
But the user is created in the database 'users' table.


The unable to send mail error is a symptom of a configuration problem on your server. PHP is unable to send mail from your machine, and Omeka produces that error to let you know that the email with the activation link was not sent.

Regardless, the user should appear in the Users panel, and an administrator should be able to manually set a password for that user.

Having NULL for the 'salt' column is actually normal for a user who hasn't logged in or had their password changed since the upgrade to 1.3.

As for the email address error you reported, have you checked the Entities table to see if you have any repeated email addresses there?


At first glance, your problem seems to be that your database information (in db.ini) isn't set up correctly. Is it possible that you overwrote your db.ini file when attempting to upgrade Omeka?

I checked the entities table and all email addresses are unique. When omeka throws the "email already been claimed" error it is mistaken.

mysql> select id, count(email) from entities group by email order by id;
| id | count(email) |
|  1 |            1 |
|  2 |            1 |
|  3 |            1 |
|  4 |            1 |
|  5 |            1 |
|  6 |            1 |
|  8 |            1 |
|  9 |            1 |
| 10 |            1 |
| 11 |            1 |
10 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I think I just solved my login and changing passwords problem. Careful examination of the users table revealed a duplicate entity_id. So... someone (probably me) had mucked about in the database at some point. Thanks for your help John F. Your comment about the salt column helped steer me back to the proper path.

Hey all, well the problem was fixe for a few then it is back. I can see the login, but I can not login even with my super account, which is the only account set-up right now. The upgrade did work (based on my being able to sign in earlier), but now I can not sign in.