Upgrade and old files

I have been able to get through the upgrade process from 1.5.1 to he current version. My problem is that after the upgrade I have lost pretty much all of my site design and formatting. I have copied over my minimalist theme, but I can't figure out what other files need to be copied. For example, the header and footer files, which are in, I think, application/views/scripts/common will not work if I try and copy them into that new directory. So, the question is how to figure out which files to copy over. This is a major problem for me.

All of the themes from 1.5.x got significant rewrites for 2.x, so the first thing might be to get the new minimalist theme.

Couple of hours of work with firebug and got things largely figured out.

Good to hear. If there are other customizations that you made, this guide might help with the changes between 1.5 and 2.x