Updating omeka_element_texts Table Using SQL Import/Export?

I used DropBox to add a bunch of images to my archive, which worked like a champ. However, many of my fields (such as Rights, etc) have the very same information. I thought I might edit the table itself by finding and replacing data in the SQL Export and then re-import it.

I was able to do this successfully in that I can see that my table has been updated, but the information does not show on the item records. If I update the item via the Dashboard, there is no problem updating the record.

I know I probably shouldn't be messing about with the back end but in light of another solution to bulk-enter or bulk-update records I am trying to avoid copying and pasting the same data in over 200 item records.

p.s. I used phpMyAdmin for this functionality.

I looked for 'element_id' 74 and updated the 'text' value from '8' to my general Rights statement.