unspecified error with Zotero import

I thought I downloaded the updated version of the Zotero import plugin and installed it, but it still shows up in the plugin list as 1.1.1.

Anyway, when I try to import any library I get the error below.

An error has occurred in Omeka. To track the contents of this error, please enable error logging.

Um, which error log do I turn on for this? I'm not quite sure where I need to do this.

The newest version of the Zotero Import plugin is 1.1.1. The previous version was 1.1.

Turn on error logging by doing the following:

  • In omeka/application/config/config.ini make sure log.errors = true
  • In omeka/application/logs/ make sure a errors.log file exists and is writable

Thanks, that clears things up quite a bit.

Here's the error in my log after one try with logging on. Any guidance on a fix? Is this something I need to talk to my host about?

2010-12-17T09:57:23-05:00 ERR (3): The configured PHP path (/usr/bin/php) points to a PHP-CLI binary with an invalid version (5.1.6)

It looks like the auto-detected PHP-CLI path is of an incompatible version of PHP. You'll need PHP-CLI 5.2+. If your hosting service offers a compatible version, set its path in omeka/config/config.ini, background.php.path="/path/to/php"