UniversalViewer and HTML tags in right-hand (information) panel

Hi all,

Has anyone used the UniversalViewer plugin and run into a similar problem?

Using the default theme with the latest Omeka, I've an item type metadata text field with HTML and some inline css (underline, line-through and the like). The inline css is ignored by the plugin when it displays the metadata in the right-hand info panel. I can define styles in the plugin's css file for, say, all span elements in the text field. However, if I identify a specific span element with an id or a class name in the metadata field html editor and then define a style for it in the plugin's css file, that gets ignored. I'm now trying to figure out whether this is because the HTML formatting of the metadata fields only supports inline css or because of something in the way Omeka sends the metadata to the plugin.

Thank you.