Undefined index error

We are using the Berlin theme in version 2.0.4 and recently I have been getting error messages on the screen (ie. Notice: Undefined index: Item in /var/www/html/omeka/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/models/ExhibitPage.php on line 73). This usually happens when I am adding a hyperlink to text in an exhibit page. No further issues are evident. The links work fine, but what is producing the error? Should I be doing something different so as not to produce an error? Any suggestions or information about this would be greatly appreciated.

That's the result of a little sloppy coding in the ExhibitBuilder. It's a harmless notice, you'll just see it when you're using a layout that doesn't allow you to attach Items.

We'll squelch those notices in an Exhibit Builder update, but there's nothing you need to be doing differently.

Thank you!