unAPI server on my theme

I'm not exactly sure wether or not this message is in the right place. Anyway, i'd like to write a very simple unapi server for my theme, allowing me to export data on my site to zotero for example. I guess the best way to do this would be to place an unapi.php file in my item, and make it behave (wrt to unapi specs) adequately depeding on the presence or not of a ID as a GET parameter. My simple questionq are, first, is it a good approach, and second, how do I allow this file to be accessed (i currently get an error saying that "unapi" action does not exist and was not trapped, etc).

Thanks for your help !

EDITED : This already exists. Look here for informations : http://omeka.org/codex/Output_Formats Great !

Actually, this is not that simple after having a look at unapi specs : http://unapi.info/specs/unapi-revision-3.html it looks like the unAPI server url can't have get parameters. Thus i'd like to have an address of the form http://myserver.org/items/show-unapi/ pointing to my show.dcmes-xml.php, rather than http://myserver.org/items/show/2542?output=dcmes-xml.
Any idea on how to do that ?

Thanks !

Closing this topic, the real discussion on this has been happening on the dev list.