Unable to get to the "Public site" from admin screen


I don't know why because I think I didn't change anything but while in admin part of Omeka I can't get by clicking on the appropriate button to the "Public site".

Only when typing in the correct adress in the bar of the browser I get to the page as usual.


Hi Martinis,

Where does the "Public Site" button in the admin take you? And how does that URL compare to the correct public site URL?

Hi JeremyBoggs!

The button takes me to http://myserverip/admin instead of http://myserverip as it did before.

I'm having a similar issue with a new installation of - on the admin theme, a number of URLs are being generated to http://myserver/admin/... as opposed to http://myserver/... (these include links to the /shared javascript libraries in the header of the admin pages, as well as to the /archive directory (which means that thumbnails, etc., aren't loading properly in the admin theme).

And, of course, the public site link in the top right does the same thing.

Seems like the creation of URLs is somehow going awry in the admin theme; any ideas on a fix? I remember an issue like this happening maybe a year ana a half ago with one of the proto-Omeka sites (maybe JWA?), but I don't remember what was causing it...

Hi, is this still a problem for you? I'm having trouble duplicating this on any of my Omeka installations. If this is still an issue for you, could you do me a favor and pull down the stable-0.9 branch from SVN and see if it is still broken? Also, what does your URL look like when Omeka writes paths to archive/ and shared/ directories? Thanks.

Yes, it is still an issue.

As you suggested I used my old stable 0.9 and it works there w/o problems.

The URL looks like this on newer version:

Path on server: /omeka/archive/files/files/


The stable-0.9 branch in SVN is actually the most up-to-date version of the software available, so if it works there, then I'd recommend that you use that as your Omeka installation.

With regards to "Path on server: /omeka/archive/files/files/", what do you mean exactly? That is a path that doesn't exist in Omeka. Are you referring to the same problem of the admin/ URLs? Forgive me if I am a bit confused. Thanks.

I mean this is the path on the HD.

I am having the same problem with Omeka 9.1.1 . Go to public site takes me to http://.../admin . Not a huge deal for me, but for other contributors, it may be an issue.