Unable to delete photo items

Before successfully getting Omeka to work with ImageMagick I added several photo items that resulted in errors. The items are still listed but I am unable to delete them. Omeka comes up with the error "Unable to delete". How do I get rid of them?

This happened to me as well. I used phpMyAdmin to login to my MySQL database and deleted the relevant rows corresponding to the files in the omeka_files table. Alternatively, you may still be able to make the items "non-public" if you can't delete them. That way they're there, but don't get seen by anyone other than yourself/the site admin.

The issue you're both seeing is that Omeka 1.4 refuses to delete a File record if the underlying files can't be found or otherwise can't be deleted. Since deleting an Item automatically deletes its Files, you also see this error when deleting Items.

This issue is fixed in the development version of Omeka, but for now, deleting the offending entries in the "files" table is the best solution.