Unable to Complete Upgrade

I'm upgrading to 1.5.1.

I've completed steps 1-6 in the upgrade instructions with no problem. But when I navigate to the admin panel, I'm not redirected to the upgrade page.

The admin panel appears as normally. If I try to navigate to the update page myself I get a 404. In fact, if I try to navigate anywhere else, I get a 404. I do, however, see version 1.5.1 at the bottom of the admin page.

I tried to fix it by starting the whole process over again showing hidden files on Mac and in FTP client before transferring. That didn't work.

Any ideas?

What version of Omeka were you using before you started the upgrade? If there were no database changes between the version you were on and the version you upgraded to, you won't get the upgrade page (there's no need for it). The upgrade instructions might need to be clearer on this point.

The "404 for any other page" problem is normally a symptom of a missing or misconfigured .htaccess file. If you've confirmed the .htaccess is present (since you said you specifically viewed hidden files), is it possible you had made a change to your old .htaccess that you overwrote with the new one (RewriteBase for example)?

Hi John, Thanks for getting back to me. It turns out it was the htaccess file. I just needed to refresh my ftp client.