Unable to access admin control panel


For some reason, I am unable to access the admin control panel. The url www.uvaspeaks.com/admin shows a 404 page not found error. www.uvaspeaks.com goes to the archive powered by Omeka, but I cannot access the Dashboard. Is there something wrong with the Omeka pathways or files on the server or something?

Update: I was able to go back to the post-installation screen, and clicked on the Admin Panel link. I got a 500 internal server error.

You should be able to check Apache or PHP logs to see what caused the 500 error (or you could ask your host to do this for you).

The whole thing sounds like an Apache or .htaccess config error. What version of Omeka are you using, and have you modified any Omeka files?

I checked the logs and got it resolved. I was using Omeka 1.5. Thanks so much for your help!