Two tweaks for managing items

We are using Omeka as our primary collection management tool. We are storing our accession numbers in the DC Identity field.

I'd like to change the Items list so that it lists the Identity field rather than the Creator (which we can barely use).

I was also surprised to see that the advanced search didn't allow for exact matches on field searches! I want to create a quick way of retrieving an item by our accession number and the advanced search would do that if it didn't only do pattern matching.

I'll look at making these changes myself, but I thought I'd throw these out in case you are already working on them. If I can figure out how to do this as a plugin, I will approach it that way.

If you want to display specific fields in the public theme's items/show page, take a look here on how to do that:

Alternatively, if you are not using the Creator field, by default, the field will not appear on the public items/show page.

I'm not speaking of the public view, but the Browse Items view (/admin/items) -- that's the "behind the scenes" management where we need to see our identifier. Near as I can tell the 4th column is fixed as "Creator".

In the items/edit or items/add form, the full complement of Dublin Core fields automatically appear. You'll just have to scroll down a little farther to see the identifier.

I'm clearly not communicating this well. Here's a screenshot of the page with my customization code changing the creator column to identity.

Sorry about that, I misunderstood. Looks like you've made the changes you wanted to make.

I finally got around to modifying the itemsearch code to support exact matches. (Ah, holidays...) Now I guess I need to learn how to submit core changes...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the idea. This would be a nice feature to add to a future version of Omeka, something like the ability to customize the columns used in the 'simple view' in the Omeka items admin. I'll talk about it with our devs, and likely add a ticket for it depending on that conversation.

I'll also talk to our devs about the exact match issue with the advanced search, and see if there's a solution for that.


Hi Dave,

I would also like to add a Identity field on the Item list admin interface. It would be really useful.

I´m wondering if you could please explain how did you manage to do that.

Thanks in advance,