Two Questions from a Novice

We have a display of archival photos ready to go public. Two questions:

1) The template identifier "Dublin Core" appears throughout the website. It is confusing and unnecessary. Can it be deleted?

2) "Browse Collections" is also confusing since we will only have one collection, Can we delete this menu?

The "Dublin Core" text can be removed by overriding the record-metadata.php that creates it in your theme. Copy record-metadata.php from the application/views/scripts/common/ directory into the common directory in your theme.

Then, open up that file in your theme and delete this line:

<h2><?php echo html_escape(__($setName)); ?></h2>

Removing the "Browse Collections" part of the menu is much easier (assuming you are using Omeka 2.0 or higher). In the admin screen, go to Appearance->Navigation. There, you can add, remove, or change the navigation however you need.