Two Omeka instances

We have set up two Omeka instances so that we can separate out one collection that contains community contributions. That collection is running on Omeka 1.5 We do not want to give up the functionality of anonymous contribution, but still gathering emails and names for our purposes, with the new Contribution plug-in, so that is the reasoning for staying on 1.5. We have another Omeka server running 2.3 for all other exhibits and collections.

We need to rename the 1.5 sever, but this will effect users who have cited material from there using our old URL Has anyone had luck with redirects to individual items? We don't want the citations that have already been used to contain broken links. Thanks.

Is the old URL just going to be there for redirects, or are you trying to also run the new site at that URL?

If it's just redirects and you're merely moving the whole old installation elsewhere, it should be much trouble to just set up a simple Apache Redirect directive to make the old links keep working.

The old (current) URL will run the entire site for Omeka 2.3. The new URL ( will be Omeka 1.5 and only have one collection on it. We're afraid that we'll have to redirect at the item level and for every item in the collection. Is there any good way around that?

So, you're trying to redirect the links to only some items, but otherwise actually operate a site there. Yeah, that's going to be complicated, and you'd also have to be sure that your new installation never used any of the IDs for items that you're redirecting, or else they'd be inaccessibile.

I'm trying to trace back to the original issues, so forgive me if I'm missing something. The current version of Contribution should allow anonymous contributions, so if that's good and working for you then an update to 2.x should be okay.

From what I understand it's completely anonymous in the new version, meaning name and email isn't available in the Admin interface (unless the contributor creates an account) like it is in version 1.5. Is that right?

There are some variations in the configuration options, but I'm pretty sure that's mostly right. I _think_ that some data still gets recorded deep down in the database, but is kept very hidden.