Two omeka instances - admin access

I originally installed omeka version 2.0.3 and then realized that some of the plugins we will need are not compatible with that version. I left that installation at /prodat/omeka/omeka-2.0.3 and the apache document root was pointing there. I next installed version 1.2.1 to /prodat/omeka/omeka-1.2.1. I changed the document root in apache and all references to that path to the new path of /prodat/omeka/omeka-1.2.1. Restarted apache. The new site comes up and I know it's pointing to the version 1.2.1 because if I change index.php to iindex.php, the site isn't found. If I point apache to the 2.0.3 install, I can access the admin panel; however, when I change apache and restart it to point to the 1.2.1 install, and try to access the admin area, omeka won't let me use the same password and in fact, it never gave me the initial setup window where I can set the password, title, password, etc. How can I get in to the admin area? Where is that admin password stored and why can I get in with the 2.0.3 version but not with the 1.2.1 version and why didn't I get the initial settings page when going into admin for the first time?

If you want two different installations, you need to make sure they have different db.ini information (a different db name or prefix).

It sounds like you may have pointed your Omeka 1.2.1 at the same database from your Omeka 2 installation.

As a side note, if you're not going to use Omeka 2, I'd recommend at least the most recent Omeka 1.x: version 1.5.3. Version 1.2.1 is several years old.

I was thinking that might be the problem. Where can I find 1.5.3? Thanks.

I found 1.5.3. Thanks.