Two Contribution Questions

How could I change the plugin to display the image contribution form as the default starting point as opposed to the page with just the "Select Below" drop down box?

Also the check box for the "I agree to these terms and conditions" does not seem to be mandatory. I can skip the check box and still contribute an item. Is there a way to make this a required field like the email address?

The terms checkbox thing is definitely a problem. That box should be required all the time. A bug must have crept in there at some point (this check used to also be done in JavaScript, so the issue wouldn't have been as obvious).

As for changing the plugin to display the full form initially, there's currently no easy way to do that.

The terms checkbox validation is fixed in the Subversion trunk for Contribution (the development version).

I'll also look into adding the ability to pick a default contribution type (or possibly/additionally, a way to skip the select box entirely if there's only one defined type).

I checked out the development site

I have made the changes you posted to the site, and now my Contribution Plugin's checkbox works and the image contribution form is the default start screen. Thank you very much!


There should be an updated Contribution release with those changes and a few others soon.