Two Column Item Page

Hey there, I'm working with the Berlin theme and am trying to update item detail pages to a two-column layout (like here:

What's the best way to do this? I'm guessing it must do with modifying the show.php file in the Berlin theme folder.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, that'd be some work on the show.php file. At first glance, it looks like introducing a <div id='primary'>...</div> and a <div id='secondary'>...</div> into the file, then moving the various bits of content for the show page within those divs to taste.

Possibly some additional CSS work for tailoring those classes, too.

Is it a matter of simply reorganizing the existing content into those divs or does it require additional php meddling?

I'm pretty sure the reorganizing will do the trick, but it's hard to know for certain without giving it a try. If anything, I'd anticipate more CSS work than PHP work.

Ah, ok. Will try that, thanks!