Tweaking Exhibit Themes

I am trying to make some minor tweaks to an exhibit's appearance; mostly some CSS tweaks and rudimentary layout changes (I want to change the way <blockquote> appears and change the way the Exhibit Section titles/links appear).

I've looked here which notes: "Exhibit Builder/views/shared folder includes the subfolders for designing themes." On my installation though (1.3.2) there do not seem to be subdirectories for each theme in that directory.

Where should I be looking? And, more generally, am I right in assuming the best way to make these "tweaks" is to somehow copy the current public theme as a separate theme and make my tweaks there? (The sort of tweaks I'd like may--to the Thanks Roy theme--would not be covered by simply selecting "default").


As you've discovered, that page is a little out of date.

There's some updated information at Changing Exhibit Themes to Public Themes. Essentially, exhibit themes no longer exist separately, the Exhibit Builder now uses normal Omeka public themes from the themes directory.

Your idea of making a copy of your theme to make your edits on is the right one. You want to make a copy of the themes/default folder with everything in it, name the new copy differently, and make your changes there. You can also change the name in theme.ini so that it will be easier to tell which is your modified theme in the Omeka interface.

Thanks very much. I'll let you know how it turns out (update site should be going live soon). Is there a way I can mark this thread as resolved?

There should be a little dropdown on the sidebar that says "This topic is:" where you can mark it as resolved.

I've gone ahead and done it, though.