Turn off search function


We are wondering if it's possible to turn off the search function on the public site. Can we simply remove the search box in the header? How would we do that? (We still want to be able to search on the admin site.)

Because our exhibits are Neatline-heavy, our Omeka items are not really presentable, and we'd like to hide them without going through and making each one private.

I'm afraid there may be a really obvious solution to this that we're just missing because none of us is proficient in php.

Thanks for any pointers!

Interesting combination of needs!

If it weren't for the need to search on the admin side, I'd say just go to Settings->Search and uncheck all the record types to hide them all from search.

But, if you still want that on the admin side, your idea of removing the search box is probably the closest option.

You'll want to override the common/header.php file in your theme.

See this guide to overriding templates. You'll want to change common/header.php

Make the changes to your theme to override header.php.

Look for this, and delete it:

<div id="search-container" role="search">
    <?php echo search_form(); ?>
</div><!-- end search -->

That'll remove the search box on the public side. Technically, search will not be turned off, there just won't be a UI to do it.

Thanks so much! This is very similar to what I was trying, but I think I tried to "comment out" that text instead of actually deleting it, and was doing something wrong. This worked perfectly.