Turn "Dublin Core" display off?

Is there a way to disable the phrase "Dublin Core" in item records for Omeka.net?
We're about to launch a geographically-themed crowdsourcing website about Toronto and Yonge Street next week and find that displaying the term "Dublin Core" confuses public participants.

I would be very interested in the response to this question, too. The text in the item records is also showing in Neatline and I am unable to remove it through the HTML editors. It's annoying to have a pop-up box show and have the words <h3>Dublin Core</h3> there.

There are 2 different answers here since the first question by ocad123 is about Omeka.net.

@ocad123: unfortunately, no there isn't a way to remove those headings from Omeka.net. We hope to have a way to remove them from the settings at some point but that isn't possible now.

@garuda3060: since you are hosting your own version of Omeka, you can remove the element set headings. This topic has been covered well in the forums. See this thread and scroll down to the section that applies to Omeka 2.0: http://omeka.org/forums/topic/changing-dublin-core-titlessubtitles